Guide for Galaxy.Finance(GFC-BSC) Mining

Galaxy.Finance - GFC
3 min readMar 16, 2021

This guide will demonstrate the whole process from purchasing GFC_BEP20 by BSC-DEX PancakeSwap to participating in liquidity mining through MathWallet (Metamask also applies to this method).

  1. Go to PancakeSwap website, please note that there is DNS hijacking recently, please login your wallet first before opening Pancake website. Click to go: ; Click”Connect” to connect your wallet.

2. Purchase GFC. Click on “Exchage”. Choose to buy GFC with USDT. GFC_BEP20 address: 0xe3f4006ee7d620d4195089ce89ae8567b5ce7d4e .Enter the amount of USDT to be paid on the purchase page and click “Swap” to complete the process.

3. Add liquidity. Click on “Pool — Add liquidity”. Select the USDT-GFC pair. After entering the number of USDT-GFC pairs to be added, click on “Supply” and complete the following confirmation information.

4. Return to the Liquidity page to see the number of GFC-USDT deposited and the number of LP token obtained.

5. Go to the page of liquidity mining on the official website of Galaxy.Finance (GFC). Or enter the following link directly in the search box to access:

6. Click “From PancakeSwap” in the middle of the page. The binding page will appear. The first time you log in, you may be asked to authorize your wallet, click “Accept” to complete the authorization.

7. After connecting the wallet, the input box for pledging LP token will appear on the mining page. After entering the number of LP tokens to be pledged, click “Approve” to complete.

8. The operation of participating in GFC liquidity mining is now complete. Next, you only need to harvest the output of GFC from time to time.



Galaxy.Finance - GFC

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