Guide for GFC NFT Auction

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2 min readJun 13, 2021


Welcome to the GFC first grand exhibition & auction event. Get your favorite and first NFT artwork!

Here is the 4 Step Guide for getting NFT artworks on HSC.

Please make sure you are following the correct steps.
This will give you a great viewing and auction experience!

And you should have a wallet running on HSC (eg. Metamask), and certain amounts of HOO.

First, Open the Galaxy Finance Web Page:

Galaxy Finace (GFC) Web Page

And the next:

  1. Choose the HSC Chain and click the NFT Artworks. Go to GFC-NFT Artworks page.

2. Connect your wallet. Make sure that your wallet, GFC website both are running on HSC.

3. Click [Auction Center] and enjoy the artworks at auction. If you are interested in an artwork that is being auctioned, click to go to the details and auction page.

4. If you would like to bid on the piece, just click [Place a bid].

Note: GFC’s auction rules are that as long as you participate in the auction, when the next person bids, 20% of the difference in price will be your earnings.

Now, You can earn money by bidding! Enjoy it!



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